Author guidelines

Studia Politica. Romanian Political Science Review publishes high quality, peer reviewed articles in the field of political science, comparative politics, political sociology, international relations and European studies. It also welcomes book reviews, and review essays that compare and critique 2-3 books on a given topic. Books under consideration should be recently published (no more than 3 years old).

Manuscripts will be accepted on the understanding that their content is original and that they have not been previously published in a different form or language. No manuscript will be considered for publication if it is concurrently under consideration by another journal or press or is soon to be published elsewhere. 

Preparation of the Manuscript: Articles should be 8.000 - 9.000 words long, book review essays should be 3.500-5.000 words, and book reviews 1000-2000 words. Word counts include footnotes. An abstract of not more than 200 words should be included followed by 5 keywords at the beginning of the article. Pages should be numbered sequentially and submitted in Word format following the style guidelines below.

Style Guidelines for Manuscripts: 

  • Text: Times New Roman, 11 point, single-spaced.
  • Margins: 1.5 inch.
  • Footnotes, tables, charts, table titles, quotes: Times New Roman, 9 point.
  • Article title: Times New Roman, 18 point.
  • Article subtitle: Times New Roman, 16 point.
  • Authors' names: Times New Roman, 11 point.
  • Headings, level 1: Times New Roman, 14 point, centered, uppercase.
  • Headings, level 2: Times New Roman, 14 point, italics.
  • Inverted commas: E “n” gl ‘i’ sh / It “a” li ‘a’ n / Sp “a” ni ‘s’ h / Ge „r“ m ‚a’ n / R „o” ma ‚n’ ian / Fr « e » nc ‘h’ 
  • Graphics and figures: saved as .png files.
  • Footnotes: numbered throughout.
  • Idem
  • Ibidem

Double-blinded Peer Review: Manuscripts submitted for review are evaluated anonymously by two scholars. However, the Editors alone are responsible for every final decision on publication of manuscripts. The Editors may suggest changes in the manuscript in the interest of clarity and economy of expression. Such changes are not to be made without consultation with the author(s). The authors should ensure that the manuscript is submitted in final form.

Submission: Manuscripts should be submitted to in word format and must contain

1.      A completely anonymized manuscript (including title and abstract), which should not contain any information concerning the author

2.      A title page with the further information - the complete title of the manuscript; the names and full (professional) affiliation of all author(s), with e-mail address(es), weblink to their institution, full postal address, and telephone number where they can be reached; and  a short CV of 200 words maximum;

The title page will not be accessible to the referees.

The abstract should be a single paragraph of 200 words or less that briefly describes the research question addressed, the analytical and theoretical approach, and the major findings of the manuscript.


Style and Format: Manuscripts will comply with Studia Politica style in matters of punctuation, capitalization and the like. References should conform to the following format: 

o      references to books should list author(s), title, publisher, place of publication, year; 

ex.: Giovanni Sartori, Theory of Democracy RevisitedChatam House, Chatam NJ, 1987.

o       references to journal articles should list author(s), title of article, journal name, volume, year, and inclusive pages; 

ex.: Giovanni Sartori, “What is ‘Politics’?”, Political Theory, vol. I, no. 1, 1973, pp. 5-26

o    references to works in edited volumes should list author(s), essay title, volume editor(s), volume title, publisher, place of publication, year, and inclusive pages. 

ex.: Mauro Calise, "Presidentialization, Italian Style", Thomas Poguntke, Paul Webb (eds.), The Prezidentialization of Politics, Oxford University Press, Oxford & New York, 2005, pp. 88-106.

Style Guidelines for Book Reviews

For single-authored books:


Parties and Party Systems: A Framework for Analysis

ECPR Press, UK, 2005, 368 pp.


For edited books:


Civil Society Activism under Authoritarian Rule – A comparative perspective

Routledge Taylor and Francis Group, London and New York, 2012, 274 pp.


Please type your name and institution, exactly as you wish it to be published, at the end of the review. For example:

Maria Ionescu, University of Bucharest.